Why Project Visibility is Critical to Project Success

Having the right project visibility is a critical factor to project success. Remember the fact that there are desired outcomes of business value that got the project sponsored in the first place.

But more often than not, projects fail all around us. And there can be a zillion reasons for your project’s failure and not gaining enough attention within the organization is a major contributor to that list.

Projects and their success are dependent on numerous factors right from stakeholder engagement, budget, resources, company’s strategy and vision to market conditions and competition.

Good thing is, you have some control over some of them and exercising that control in a meaningful manner can contribute a lot towards your project success.

Why do we want our projects to gain more and more visibility?

Success of our endeavours matters to us the most and if you are a PM it is indeed crucial for you to add more and more successful projects to the kitty.

Running projects is a team game. It takes more than a PM, a handful of resources and a project management software to generate desired business outcomes from a project.

For starters, let us identify the key contributors of your project.

· The business (customer or your own organization)

· Sponsors & Executive team

· Project Team (PMO, Resource Manager, Teams)

· The impacted parties (maybe a department, a specific business function or the entire company)

If any one of the above contributors are not engaged rightly, the project will fetch less than desired outcomes.

As a result everything concerning the specific project goes for a toss right from funding to resource allocation to the extent of putting it into an icebox.

Scary! Isn’t it? I for sure do not want to be leading a project like this.

So how do we get the right traction for our project?

Send a “Clear Message”

When you are in charge of a project make sure that all contributors understand the purpose in certain terms. Kill the anxiety!

Explain the WIFM as distinctly as possible. Prepare a proper plan on how you wish to educate and disseminate this vital information to your audience.

Make sure all impacted parties understand the benefits of this undertaking and how it is going to help them. It may be a HR initiative, a new re-skill and up-skill program, a major assignment or an elite client that will work wonders for the company and everyone associated with it.

Share all tangible and intangible benefits that they stand to gain from this initiative.

Overall, the idea is to ensure that the right teams are excited and understand the true value of the project.

Source: https://www.orangescrum.org/articles/why-project-visibility-is-critical-to-project-success.html

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.