Why Milestone Planning is Important in Enterprise Project Management

Milestone planning is a direct contributor to successful enterprise project management. Big or small, all projects must be duly broken down into relevant milestones for proper planned vs accomplished goals tracking.

It is not just about the project progress or completing the project. There is more to it than what meets the eye.

Milestone planning is the project manager’s way of keeping the stakeholders engaged as well as accountable. Not in harsh terms rather purely from a strategic as well as tactical standpoint.

Not all stakeholders are involved in the daily functioning of projects. And we all are always occupied in multiple simultaneous projects. Hence, project communication & stakeholder expectation management also adds to the challenge here.

Without milestone planning it is difficult to assess and allocate the right priority and focus as required.

Add to it the strategic importance of each project or a program to the overall company vision. This is where things get trickier.

Hence, when you breakdown projects into milestones and map them with associated projects you are able to align well with the overarching goal and make the right decisions as well.

What is Milestone Planning?

The first logical thing to do with project management plan is to ensure the project goal is mapped out clearly. This requires lot of brainstorming and ideation with the stakeholders and customers.

To start with getting to the crux is important.

· What is project objective?

· Is the project feasible?

· Should it be taken up?

· Do we have the required funding and approvals?

Once the above are answered, the actual planning & breakdown begins.

The key is to define your critical project milestones first.

Now, this must be done after careful review of the project objective and associated mini-goals.

It is important to understand what achievements will matter most to the stakeholders as well as will truly indicate how close we are to goal realization.

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