Why and How to Manage Multiple Projects

Running multiple projects simultaneously is a given. As project and portfolio managers we have to run multiple programs and projects to further the strategic vision of our company and customers alike.

Project Management becomes increasingly complex if the right approach and skills are not deployed at the right time.

And as a project or program manager you need to deploy a broad range of skills from leadership, business acumen, stakeholder expectation management, time & resource management, planning and strategizing, empathy, emotional intelligence to technical knowhow and understanding of the organization dynamics.

How can the above skills help us to manage multiple projects “

1. Grow your experience and save more time:

By working on multiple projects you get to constantly learn new technology, work with new teams, improve domain knowledge and overall multitasking skills.

2. Organizations look for multi-project handlers:

Know full well that organizations want a jack of all trades who can shift gears as and when required. You should be able to run a whole program with multiple projects along with projects that have unique requirements.

Some projects will check your team management skills while others may test your domain knowledge or your adaptability to customer requirements.

Thus you need a very high emotional quotient to understand the needs of these varying teams, keep them motivated, improve productivity rates and tie them all to project profitability at the same time.

Look how successful business founders, co-founder, CEO are handling multiple initiatives like JackDorsey balancing Square and Twitter, @MarkZuckerberg is handling @Facebook, @Instagram and more.

In the Infographics, we have mentioned the #project management strategies that will help to streamline your multiple projects.


Working on multiple projects at the same time requires more dedication and skills. A simple and effective project management software makes your work simpler and easier.

A tool like Orangescrum, that is designed to accommodate as many projects as possible. It’s simple and intuitive UI allows it to be used even by people who are new to project management.

You can track all your projects, tasks, resources and their allocation, availability and utilization with Orangescrum giving you a 360 degrees view of your entire portfolio.

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