Top 7 Reasons that Keep Project Managers Awake at Night

Project Managers have an uphill task right from the project initiation till the closure phase. They have to deal with a large number of unknowns and moving aspects of a project that keeps them awake at night.

In the simplest of terms — “Project management is all about deliverables that meet the success criteria.”

Some of the most common challenges every project manager has to deal with include but not limited to

· Meeting the project deadline

· Keeping the project stakeholders engaged

· Reporting the right progress & performance metrics

· Knowing who is working on what

· Shifting project priorities, scope creep

· Shuffling between projects

· Handling resource conflicts

· Keeping the teams motivated

This is a very high-level list where each of these items can present additional conflicting issues for a project manager to juggle.

Is it their fault entirely? No

Does it have to be this way all the time? No

Problem #1: How to complete the project within the deadline?

Meeting deadlines is a critical success factor for projects. Thus adequate project planning is required right from the beginning.

Project Managers need to account well for tasks, time, and resource estimates.

The Fix:

· Start with the project breakdown first into multiple milestones, tasks, and subtasks

· Estimate as close to reality as possible based on the performance of past similar projects

· Account for the type, number, and skills of the resources required

· Set clear estimated hours, tasks due date, and assignee

· Provide as much task context as possible in terms of task labels, task types, and task linking to reduce dependencies

Problem#2: How to keep the project stakeholders engaged?

Stakeholder expectation management can consume a lot of the project manager’s time. There are multiple stakeholders to attend to and many times with conflicting interests in the project.

Some may have a major say while others not so much. But any unsatisfied stakeholder can impact your project adversely.

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