The Future of Project Management

Project Management we see today is far more evolved than it first started. It is no longer about detailed documents a bunch of them in fact, phases and gates driven with multi-year timelines.

Gone are the times when projects meant a fat budget, huge resource allocation probable brought together from across the world to a single office facility.

On top of it, the answers to the question — “what the project is all about?” would never be the same from the people working on them. Each had his own interpretation.

Not that it doesn’t happen today, but on a much-diminished scale.

The point is, as everything else, project management today too has evolved a lot and for the better.

It has become better for the project managers, the project team, stakeholders and the business overall.

Primarily because Project Management today is more outcomes-focused than ever before!

Disruptive Digital Transformation has brought about a sea change in the way we operate today. Teams across the globe are connected in real-time with the help of more and more communication platforms.

Be it chat, instant messaging, tagging, video conferencing or video chats; technology has made it real easy to access people and information with the tap of the thumb.

As a result, there is rapid information exchange, more visibility and increased collaboration at all levels across organizations.

The workforce has become highly mobile. Work isn’t defined by a messy desk and office hours.

Enhanced mobility and connectivity have given way to boundary-less offices where teams connect, collaborate at will and remain highly engaged towards the goals at hand.

There are some downsides too, but it well-managed the benefits outweigh them by a huge margin.

Businesses have been able to mark their presence alongside their customer and as a result there has been a marked increase in customer feedback and connect.

All of which lead to quick productivity gains, breaking away from silos, informed decision making and quick issue resolution to deliver with more accuracy and agility.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.