Product Update Sprint Board Filters, Manual Time Entry enhancements, Duplicate Labels & more

Hey Orangescrum’ers, June product update is here. We are pleased to announce a few releases and fixes for all our customers.

We are keen to listen and act on the feedback received from our ever growing active users to strengthen project management capabilities overall.

All these updates are aimed to make Orangescrum more user-friendly and bring more clarity to the project progress status.

You still get to use and realize the full potential of these new updates. And here I mentioned all respectively.

Product Releases

More filters in Sprint Board:


Many users shared their suggestions during their feedback call that scrum masters wanted to use date filters to get more clarity on their active sprint in Sprint Board.

So users can’t know when the task is started or due or last updated.


Considering the feedback, we have provided filter options “ “Start Date”, “Due Date” and “Last Updated” Filter in Sprint Board.

Now a scrum master of your team can filter the tasks based on Start Date or Due Date or Last Updated to have more clarity on your active sprints and take necessary actions.

Manual time entry without start & end time: Now users can log time without start and end time by selecting “Skip Time Duration” in manual time entry.

While using manual time entry, it is mandatory to log start time and end time for each task. So what have we done to more simplify the manual time entry?


As many customers wanted to have more flexibility, easy to log time and have an option here to direct log time without any start time and end time like the Timesheet entry.

We have provided an option to “Skip Time Duration” in the manual time entry pop-up. Users can check the box “Skip Time Duration” to hide the start time and end time for manual time entry and log time easily.

Task Status workflow made easy:

Now users will be able to create another task status in status workflow by selecting “Create another ‘’ option in create task status workflow without clicking create a new task status button every time.


Users unable to create task statuses quickly in a workflow. They have to click on “create a new task status” everytime when they want to add a new status to a workflow.


After this release, creating a task status in a workflow made it easy.

Now you can use ‘Create Another’ to create multiple status one after another from the pop-up in the status workflow. It is quick and easy to create as many statuses in a workflow.

Before: All the task detail pages are opening in a page. And when you open the task in the kanban page, it opens the task detail page in a pop-up. So some of you reported to open the task detail page in a pop-up anywhere you click on the task title including in the task list page.


After this release, it is easy to open task details in a pop-up rather than redirecting to a detail page. Now, click on any task title, you’ll be able to open the task detail page in a pop-up for every project and tasks.

URL Navigation: When a user shares a page link with any user of that company, the user can use that URL to login and view that page directly instead of clicking on the menu or any other buttons to navigate to the same page.

Before this release, users, especially newly onboarded users, found it difficult to navigate to the pages when they onboarded or not explored the navigation or features in Orangescrum. Now it is simple, just login and it will navigate to the destination page/features automatically.

For example, if the user shared the weekly timesheet link, then user can click on this URL and login to his account, It will redirect him/her to the weekly timesheet page.

Isn’t it helpful!

Issue fixes

Duplicate Label Issue:

When a user creates a label for all projects, and applies label filters in the task list, it shows duplicate labels to select in filters for all the projects. Now, the duplicate label issue is fixed.

Also, when the label is selected in the filter and saved and if the user applied the label in a new task of a new project, then it will filter the new tasks where the new labels are applied for the same saved filter as well.

Delete Task in Gantt chart: User unable to delete a task from the Gantt chart using the delete button, now we fixed it.

Task delete from the active sprint: When a user deletes a task in the active sprint, the task still shows in the list. Now it’s fixed.

This is not it.

Many other updates are in the pipeline, there are a lot of improvements and other new features to be released soon.

Take all these advantages for easy collaboration and tracking your tasks to successful completion.

Introduce your teams to the all new updates for a robust task collaboration and management experience. It is just as fast as you and equally responsive!

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