Product Update — Orangescrum Open Source V1.8.0 Released

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the latest release of the Orangescrum Open Source base code.

Orangescrum Open source edition offers a simple yet highly effective project and task management absolutely free for its users. You can create unlimited projects, milestones, and tasks to collaborate among your teams.

The release consists of code & UI/UX improvements, bug fixes, and deprecation issues fix.

The best thing about this release among others is the ability to directly invite/add users to Orangescrum without the SMTP setup. It saves you time and hassle of setting up email configuration to get your team on-board.

Click on “Add User” on the User list page. The revised pop-up has an additional field for “password”.

The admin can set a password of his choice and once he has successfully added the user, he can share the email id and password with the user to login.

The user can log in to the tool and change the password if he wishes to.

Note: Owner & Admin must note down the password before hitting the Add button.

However, for all email notifications for daily catch-up, task updates, status changes, task comments &replies you will need to configure SMTP.

Users can download the latest release for Linux and Windows.

Preferred Linux OS — Centos 7, Ubuntu 18

· Unable to Save a New Task Template

· Headers already sent warning fixes

· Table add-ons for model add-on was not found in data source default issue

· Invalid command ‘Header’

· Remove username from the drop-down

· Remove checkbox when no users are in the list from Add user popup

· Create task page layout changes

· My dashboard popup design changes

· Making the validation message throughout consistent

· Create milestone button blink issue fixes while changing the list view or grid view

· Loader not removed after adding users

· Deprecation issue fixes

· Email Notification off on button design change

· Issue fixes in the add user to project popup

· Icon colors are not prominent in a new dropdown

· Filter box design changes after individual filters applied

· Deprecated warning message fixes in the footer, to-dos, task list, login form

Base code invite user functionality removed, owner/admin can directly add users with email id and password

Increase accountability, track assignments and improve productivity with the latest Orangescrum Open Source community edition.

Whether it is a simple to-do list, task list, issue tracking or a complex project, Orangescrum does it all. To add to it, there are a host of productivity add-ons that offer an all-encompassing project management experience for teams across industries.

Orangescrum open source edition sets you perfectly to scale up as per your business requirements to a full-featured enterprise project management edition.

On the other hand, you can opt for the individual add-ons or have a customized combo of just the key features that you need.

You cannot go wrong with any of our project management and collaboration features ranging from advanced task management, executive dashboards, time and resource management, bug and defect management, single sign-on or the revamped mobile app.

Start effortless project management with Orangescrum today!


Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.