How to Use Kanban & Custom Status Workflow in Orangescrum

Gone are those days, when project management tools & Kanban boards were specific to IT and manufacturing industries only.It has turned into a fundamental need of all organizations.

Be it, Healthcare, Marketing, Construction, Product development, engineering or professional services; Project management software is integral to their overall operations.

Charles Darwin once said -

“The most important factor in survival is neither intelligence nor strength but adaptability.”

Any species who can adapt itself according to the recent environmental changes can survive the longest.

Similarly, an ideal project management tool should be industry agnostic that is; it should be flexible enough to adapt itself according to the workflow of any organization.

Hence, project management software must offer Custom Workflowsfor increased adaptability and ease of use.

Workflow refers to the series of steps that need to be taken to complete tasks, and how tasks move through these steps.

With the Custom Task Status Workflow, you can create and track the logical life cycle of your tasks from start to end.

You can create Task Status that is most commonly referred by your teams and ones that are relevant to the project type at hand. E.g. content publishing, marketing campaigns, product launch, etc.

Why do you need a Custom Workflow?

Let me explain why you would want to create a custom workflow for your projects. It will show you the precise progress of your tasks and enable greater clarity around what needs to be done next for the task completion and by whom.

With the default workflow, you can have only four statuses- New, In Progress, Resolved& Closed.

This is a standard process and works well for simplistic projects. But then each of your teams has their own project flows. One size doesn’t fit all!

When your marketing teams are driving for e.g. a “content publishing” project, they need a workflow such as — Concept, Design, Review, Revise, Approve, and Publish.

Similarly, when you implement this for your development projects, you might want to add status Under Review, QA In-Progress, QA-Complete, On Hold, Approved, Go-Live, and Closed, etc.

“The workflow shows how your team works from strategy to execution to delivery.”

So creating a custom workflow allows you to adapt Orangescrum Project Management Software by all teams across your organization from development to HR, remote and creative teams alike.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.