How to Use Automated Project Templates in Orangescrum Enterprise

Project Managers are tasked with building elaborate project plans and breaking them down into executable tasks. Project plans are the soul of a project and if not dealt with the required due diligence can wreck the project.

No wonder PMI emphasizes a lot on the Initiation and Planning phases.

Building project plans and outlining the work breakdown structure into granular actionable tasks requires covering multiple perspectives

· Project period

· meeting project objectives

· Identifying resource needs

· Keeping within budget

· Plan vs task alignment

This also means the project manager must be skilled enough to understand the nature of the project and its impact upon completion.

Thus the added pressure to cover all tasks the project may entail, estimate in terms of time and resources and ensure proper task to resource alignment to meet delivery timelines.

Now building project plans for every other similar project would be a time-consuming affair that would prove counterproductive.

An alternative is to have the baselines carved out of the experience and turn them into reusable project templates.

Understanding the role of Project Templates

A project template is an efficient way of performing a robust task breakdown structure. It must be capable of accommodating all the key elements of your execution plan.

· Milestones

· Task Title & Description

· Subtasks

· Task type

· Estimated Hours

· Assignee

The whole exercise of breaking down your project into meaningful chunks becomes a lot easier and accurate with project templates.

First off, you can decide and define the key Milestones or task groupings that the project can be adequately broken down to.

And then start listing all relevant tasks, subtasks, and sub-sub tasks under each of these task groupings.

This way you get a fair idea of the complexity of the project & the skills and effort required to accomplish it.

Remember, the idea is to develop an all-encompassing plan that is easy to manage, execute, analyze and measure.

By the time you are done defining your project template –

· you will have a solid 360-degree view of how things would flow

· possible hiccups you may run into

· allow sufficient room to accommodate ambiguities

Orangescrum’s Automated Project Template

Orangescrum offers a very robust project template feature with automation that turns your statics project plans into active & actionable task lists ready for execution.

Project Template is a feature that allows you to have your project plans defined for your most common projects. You can create as many custom project plans as you need and reuse them forever.

It is often seen that the maximum of our projects has an over 40–70% overlap among projects. Thus we are required to recreate the same set of tasks repetitively and manually.

But not with the Orangescrum Project Template.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.