How to Start Project Management Practice with Open Source Software

Setting up a Project Management Office has become one of the top priorities for companies in 2020.

The necessity to innovate and deliver almost at a reckless speed has become the norm. No one is exempted from it. Be it enterprises or the ones that are just setting shop. The ability to meet customer demands is the key to survival.

The mad rush that would ensue to stay ahead of the competition will require a lot of planning and organization to not lose sight of the end-goal.

This is where having a robust PMO becomes a critical success factor. And having a well-rounded project management software is the first step.

Choosing just any available project management and collaboration tool wouldn’t do. It has to be a highly conscious decision keeping in mind.

· License costs

· Cost of ownership

· Adoption & learning curve involved

· Capabilities’ flexibility for alignment with your business

· Support & upgrades

Whether you are starting up or an established market player you surely cannot afford to spend time and money without an acceptable ROI.

Open Source Project Management software present a great low-cost &convenient alternative.

Primarily for quite a few reasons:

· They are free with no license costs. The costs are only that of hosting.

· You can start small and scale as needed.

· Associated costs are only that of hosting.

· Freedom to tailor it to your specific business needs.

· Total ownership of the code, your improvements, and data.

Well, let us dig a little deeper and take a quick look into the practical implications involved with the implementation of open-source software (OSS) like Orangescrum.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.