How to Share Quick Project Status Report with Orangescrum

Having crisp project status reports is a must to drive crucial decisions & management attention at the right time. Savvy project managers understand the value of project overviews as this where they can garner all the support & momentum required for the project success.

On the other hand, it is always a challenge for project managers to gather relevant data points at times from multiple repositories & tools before they can prepare the master report.

Manual effort intensive, time consuming, boring and obviously tedious!

Most of all, not a judicious spend of precious efforts!

One needs to be cautious not to go overboard in terms of data points, formatting & making the project status reports verbose.

Understand the Audience

First things first. Never try to be fancy with these reports unless you have an audience who is too stuck with look and feel. It adds to the distraction and takes focus away from key business matters.

Smart project managers usually gauge their stakeholder expectations and requirements from their initial discussions during the initiation and planning phases.

And they make a rough outline of what data points, frequency and format their stakeholders would like to receive.

Secondly, stick to the established formats if they are the norm of the day and work well. People may not like or become biased because you changed the way they are used to specific things.

Keep in mind that the objective of the report is to present facts in the easiest way to derive required focus and support for the project.

The prime objective of project status report is to ensure

· True project progress is represented

· Open issues, high priority items are duly pointed

· Validated numbers w.r.t time, resource & expense are presented

· Risks if any are always highlighted

· A brief project overview note highlighting key achievements or delays are shared

Now that we’ve established the key data points for a project status report, let us focus how an integrated project management tool like Orangescrum can help.

Project Status Overview Report in Orangescrum

Orangescrum’s project overview is a ready to use, automated & comprehensive report to present to your customers, PMO (project management office) or executives.

Let us take a detailed look at it.

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