How to Drive Remote Team Efficiency in to 2021

Organizing remote teams has been the main focus for the last 6 months or so for all businesses. Since there has been no respite from the COVID-19, remote work continues to be the standard modus operandi for companies globally. And this poses a strong concern on maintaining consistent remote team efficiency into the future.

Teams are now past the stage where they were faced with challenges in setting up their remote work policies & getting the team up and running.

And the focus has now shifted to being productive and ensuring the current productivity trends continue for the rest of the remote work term.

A quick recap of common remote team practices established so far:

· Setting up home offices

· Aligning projects around team availability

· Defining specific work hours

· Revisiting SLAs and support hours

· Focus on running minimal operations

· Deploying communication tools

· Use of a remote collaboration tool

But these actions were just crisis management steps to get through the day. Long term business cannot sustain in this manner.

A more definitive approach with actionable steps is the need of the hour. Let’s take a look.

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