How to create Project Plans in Orangescrum

Project Plans are an essential stepping stone towards building and delivering a successful project.

Instead of quantity, the focus is on the qualitative objectives that will be achieved in a timely manner.

Project plans are your blueprints that guide your project from concept, execution to delivery. They act as the radar to keep the team focused on the tasks at hand & stick to the project scope.

More importantly, the project plan help with

· effective resource allocation

· better effort estimation

· well-defined task relationships

· clarity around key project objectives and or milestones

· early identification of risks

An Ideal project management tool should be capable enough to make your work easier, save time by automating Project management processes & end to end task, time & resource tracking.

Every organization has its own set of tasks that remain common across projects. In such cases, it is tedious & time-consuming to create those tasks repetitively for every other new initiative.

Project Plan is a feature that allows you to have your project templates defined for your most common projects. You can create as many custom project plans as you need & reuse them forever.

The tactical Project Plan advantages:-

· Reinforce Project Management best practices

· Provide greater visibility of the overall project

· Standardise and streamline well-established processes

· Prevent omission of crucial tasks & project activities

· Increase team coordination &productivity

A project plan in Orangescrum helps Project Managers & Project Coordinators define each and every activity as identified in their project management plan.

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