How Good Is Python For Web Application Development

Python is a general coding language which implies not like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript but it may be used for different varieties of programming and package development besides web development. Python is an object oriented, interpreted and high level programming language. It is candid and easy to learn programing language which emphasizes the readability and reduces the application maintenance price.

It consists wide selection of modules and packages that permits program modularity and code employ.

  • Python is an object oriented, high-level programming language, which implies it consist of words and phrases intelligible to humans. To translate this application-oriented language into machine code, Python uses an interpreter. The work of an interpreter is to convert the source code into code understood by all computers. As an interpreted language, Python uses memory with efficiency, that is simple to rectify, and permits developers to perform advanced tasks in an exceedingly few steps and edit code quickly.
  • Most up-to-date programming languages, together with Python, are considered object-oriented. The thought behind object-oriented languages is that the program is split into freelance objects that communicate between themselves. This gorgeous a lot of appears like a set of mini-programs.
  • Python is a dynamic language. This implies that developers ought not to declare variable sorts. Python verifies sorts and errors at runtime (when the program is launched), however not throughout compilation (when ASCII text file is regenerate to machine code). This ends up in less code, quicker development, and bigger flexibility and resilience.
  • Python is known as an easily readable language. Its info is visually tidy, and it usually uses English keywords wherever different languages use punctuation. Not like several different languages, it doesn’t use wavy brackets to delimit blocks, and semicolons once statements. Basic ideas of Python Indentation Many of the programming languages use brackets to outline their code block, however Python’s interpreter uses indentation method to outline the code blocks.

Above all python is one of the most popular programming language from long decades because of its high scalability and productive than other object oriented programming languages like C++ and Java.

The code syntaxes are very simple and easy to learn by the developers. Also it uses English commands that makes it more efficient and easier to understand.

For example, take a look at the code you’d use to print the text “Hello World” on your screen using the programming language Java:

Class hello world {

Public static void main (String [] args) {

System.out.println (“Hello World”)



That’s a lot of code for such a simple function.

Now take a look at the same exercise written in Python code:

Print (“Hello World”)

Like other programming languages Python also provides a way to handle the error exception using try, except syntaxes


a = int (input (“Enter a:”))

b = int (input (“Enter b:”))

c = a/b



Print (“Can’t divide with zero”)

# Example 2


#this will throw an exception if the file doesn’t exist.

1. Indentation

Many of the programming languages use brackets to define their code block, but Python’s interpreter uses indentation process to define the code blocks. So the developers have to be very careful with the white spaces in their code base which can break the application.

2. Semicolons

Python programming language is not using semicolon to end the line. A new code line is enough to detect a new code syntax.

3. Variables

Python uses variables to store data such as string, number and other information’s for manipulation work.

4. Operators

Operators are used in values or variables to perform certain logics and mathematical operations

Why is Python good for web development?

Python continues to be one of the most popular languages from many years. According to TIOBE, Python is ranked among the top programming languages. Built With states that there are almost a million websites that use Python.

Python is valued equally among startups such as Finance Strategists, mid-size companies such as EP Wealth, blue chip companies like Google, Quora, Netflix, and Spotify, and government organizations like NASA. Yet few people know why Python is one of the top programming languages for website development. So why has it gained great popularity and interest among startup founders?

Here’s what the Python Software Foundation says:

Python is powerful, and it may be used for virtually something. Initial and foremost, it may be used for all the world as a result of it offers several options by default, with normal libraries that cowl nearly any programming task.

Python is purposeful enough to interface with code written in different programming languages. You’ll imbed your Python project into frameworks of various languages, and the other way around. This implies that you just will produce comes that blend Python with different programming languages (for example, C++) and acquire the most effective of 2 worlds.

Python is available for almost any operating system, including UNIX-based operating systems, Windows, mac OS, iOS, and Android. It also runs on various platforms, including IBM, AIX, Solaris, and VMS.

Python is considered a highly effective way of coding because of its simple syntax and readability. Python is an easy-to-learn language, and thus there’s a large enough talent pool.

Python is an open-source language administered and supported by an independent nonprofit foundation: the Python Software Foundation. One of the major advantages of open-source software is that it’s free to use, modify, and distribute.

Python is a multi-purpose language and can be used to build practically anything. Companies around the world use Python for artificial intelligence and machine learning, website development, scientific and numerical computing, gaming, and many other uses.

As for artificial intelligence, Python stands above other programming languages and is considered the best programming language for AI-powered applications.

Companies like Google, Facebook, and Dropbox tare using Python in one form or another for its flexibility, scalability, performance, and rapid development.

Python is often compared to other programming languages. Below, we briefly compare the most common alternatives to Python: Java, PHP, and Ruby.

What makes python good?

Python is a high level programming language comes with a variety of standard library that covers many areas such as string processing, internet protocols and operating system interfaces.

Should I use Python 2 or Python 3?

Python has many versions but the main comparison is Python 2 and Python 3. Initially Python 3 was released December 2008 in order to rectify some fundamental flaws from Python 2.

The feature of Python 3 was “reduce feature duplication by removing old ways of doing things.”

What are the best Python IDEs?

There are many IDEs available in market but we are looking for an IDE that is dedicated towards Python development work. Some of the popular IDEs names are as below

  • Eclipse + PyDev
  • Sublime Text
  • Atom
  • PyCharm
  • Spyder

Web application development using python is more demanding in the present time because of its simplicity. Python web development has a very low entry threshold, but it is an extremely powerful programming language with numerous capabilities.

You can safely use it for development because of its highly active community and built-in frameworks. With Python, you can reduce the bounce rates of your website and speed up the page loading times. It makes your website loading time faster which helps the visitors to feel they are in a modern website.

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