How can Managers Help their Teams with Sales Stress

How can Managers Help their Teams with Sales Stress

If you’re into sales, you know it’s a high-pressure job. Almost every sales team constantly works under a significant amount of pressure. Every time a goal is set for the team or any individual, stress is triggered in some way or the other. Contrary to popular belief, stress can actually work both ways… positive & negative. When taken in your stride, it can really push you to fulfill your full potential. On the other hand… frequent stress may also result in frustration amongst the employees.

As a team manager, it’s your responsibility to make sure your team remains stress-free. Here are a few steps you can take in this regard:

Set Realistic but Challenging Goals

It’s always wise to analyze factors such as earlier sales stats, market competition, current trends etc. before setting up a target for your sales folks. They should be challenged to push themselves & yet feel they can achieve the goal. Missed targets create a dent in the team’s confidence.

Breaking the long term target/goal into smaller weekly or monthly targets is another good step towards making your team feel comfortable.

Improve their Selling Skills

Make sales coaching a part of your routine. Research states that regular sales coaching results in improved sales performance by almost 20%. By working on their sales skills & building new strategies employees remain motivated to work towards the team’s cause.

Start by reviewing your sales process flow, follow up steps, call templates & everything that involves your clients/customers. Understand the pain-points/bottlenecks your sales folks have & try to give constructive feedback. In short, make your employees feel that you care for them & you’re not just sitting to give orders.

Be Approachable, Always

Cathy Reisenwitz, “a famous sales guru insists that a manager should listen to their team members’ feedback on how they like to be managed better”. As a manager, you should always encourage healthy discussions amongst your team across hierarchies…

Creating an environment where everyone in your team feels comfortable to share their views or pain-points is vital.

Appreciate their Efforts

Always try to build a positive work environment by appreciating a job well done. Or in case a deal breaks down at an advanced stage, give due credits to the concerned employee for taking it that far ahead. Recognizing the efforts put in by your sales team, goes a long way towards eliminating stress to some extent.

Take your teams out for lunch or group activities. Drop an appreciation email to your best performers. It matters!

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.