Google Tasks — Your Personal Task Manager

Google has had Google Tasks up its sleeve for quite a while and eventually making it an integral part of the G-Suite finally in mid-2018.

Google Tasks is the most intuitive and simplest way of organizing yourself.

You are probably one among the more than a billion that use Gmail and getting a neat task manager feature embedded with your most used app is a huge plus.

One doesn’t have to worry about syncing stuff across platforms. IOS, windows or android you can use google tasks across devices.

This makes it highly accessible and increases its user-friendly quotient too.

Let us take a quick look at what one can achieve with Google Tasks:

· Organize your work day

· Track your daily chores

· Plan personal events

To start with Google tasks bring you the comfort of getting your emails & events from google calendar to be created as tasks.

Once you have logged into your Gmail account, you will see the other google features such as calendar, keep and tasks as a strip on the right side of your inbox as below.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.