Get Your Team to Use and Love Project Management Software

Running simultaneous initiatives at an organization wide scale is always a challenge. Numerous stakeholders, different types of tasks spread across multi-functional teams do not make it easy either.

Ensuring collaboration and maintaining visibility of the true state of affairs proves to be an uphill battle.

Hence, teams across the world turn to project management software for help. Some are lucky and get the right fit the first time and get going.

Some run into multiple challenges

· Administrative hurdles

· Organization culture

· Resistance to change

· Cost, etc.

But the greatest challenge of all: hooking your team to actually use and enjoy; this new tool!

This challenge is not to be taken lightly. Do it badly and you risk failure? You don’t want that. The business definitely can’t afford that.

But when you have decided to scale, do it right–the first time.

Just one slight glitch…

It’s tough to switch…many pleas will surface

“Too busy to learn a new tool”,

“Our process is working fine. Why swap?”

“I am fine doing it my way; a new one won’t help me.”

Convincing your team to adopt any new project management software will take some work.

But it’s definitely possible, and we’re going to help you do it with some proven tips.

It’s important to not only involve your team, but key personnel across departments into the decision process early on.

Make them a partner in this journey. Get their skin in the game.

Invite their interests, expectations. Interview them on their current process and way of doing things.

See what features or capabilities will help make their work easier and gain common ground.

Demo the relevant aspects of the new tool and allow them some me-time with the tool.

It will go a long way.

When selecting project management software always choose a system that is intuitive and has a user-friendly interface.

Look for on-screen training, clearly labeled buttons and tool tips that help you solve any user-issues on your own.

This will help drive user adoption. Ease of doing things is of paramount importance at this stage of the evaluation and the overall adoption journey.

See to it that the teams are comfortable in finding their way around on the chosen platform.

Minimum learning curve and the ability to get their job done with minimum steps should be your key criteria other than the features.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.