Dos and Don’ts for Employees Working Remotely

2020 has been all about remote work and remote team management. Not all of us were ready to deal with the remote work culture. The tech industry did have some upper hand as they already had some remote work setup and culture.

But for the majority of the companies, remote work or home employees wasn’t ever a priority or part of their overall operations strategy.

Remote team productivity has been the top priority for companies across sectors to ensure they run their operations business as usual and support their customers more than ever.


As with companies, even the employees had to make radical shifts in the way they used to work and communicate with the team. Employees were waking up to the reality of no hallway or water cooler discussions, in-person meetings, and shoulder tap requests.

There was an immediate impact on productivity when teams started to work remotely and adjust their schedules, technology, and home office setup.

However, remote teams have been around for a while, and here is how remote work grew over the past decade.


But there are many challenges if you’re working remotely and it is not as easy as normal work.

Most of the productive and well-talented workers are unable to show their performance when they start working remotely and suffer from lots of issues and work pressure.

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