Communication Challenges in Project Management — How to Overcome

Good communication has never failed any one.

Good communication is an essential skill in all business environments, irrespective of the audience. However, in the workplace; good communication is a critical element to organizational success.

Arguably most common root cause of issues in any organization is ‘lack of and or incorrect communication’. Break-down of communication is the cause of most conflicts, in the work place or otherwise.

Effective communication isn’t just about resolving conflicts in the workplace; it’s also an essential factor in client relationships, team effectiveness, employee engagement and profitability.

A project manager has to be a great communicator to be successful.

Effective communication is a powerful skill; that’s never been perfected, and always undervalued. Project managers and the teams often miss their targets or become unsuccessful in delivering because of some communication challenges.

This article describes the challenges of project management without effective communication and how to resolve them.

Here I will tell you-how to become more productive and efficient in projects by resolving these challenges. This will allow you and your team to face them head-on, empowering you to develop successful projects and turn adversaries into supporters.

1-Communication Inconsistency:

Communication always starts at the top.

When Manager’s don’t provide enough information; on changes in strategy at the work place, employees can’t deliver as expected of them.It also happens when departments or team members do not share information, goals, priorities and processes among themselves.

Most employees feel disconnected with their jobs when they are not in the same page with the manager, client or the team.

Lack of clarity creates inconsistencies, confusion and people begin to make assumptions that suit them and relay incorrect information.

The silo mentality negatively impacts operations, reduces employee morale and may contribute to the overall failure of an organization or its products and culture.

How to Overcome:

You have to communicate clearly and concisely. The message must be simple to be easily understood by all without any assistance.

All employees should be allowed and involved to make suggestions, share their issues, and talk about their day. Management must encourage everyone to align themselves with the shared goals in a collaborative environment.It will help all players to understand how they play a part in delivering it.

Then, nothing escapes; nobody can take excuse of benefit of doubt.

2-Use of the right technology

Email and intranet are faceless communication routes.

It’s estimated out of 205.6 billion emails sent across the globe every day, only 1/3rdof those emails are actually opened. And, around 25% of the employees think email is a major productivity killer.

Present workforce is overly mobile, widely distributed across the globe, and often desk-less. Majority of the respondents reported being frustrated by the tools and platforms available to reach employees.

People tend to shun communication if it’s happening on a device or platform they aren’t comfortable with.

How to overcome:

To ensure that information sips in to your staffs on the right channels, why not offer them a one stop platform for all their communication needs.

44 % of employees want a wider adoption of internal communication tools.

Understand the culture and the way your teams like to operate and identify collaboration software that is closely aligned.

For e.g. instant desktop notifications, in-built chat apps, task reminders etc. enable faster communication. Or if an activity can wait, having them assigned with relevant due dates and proper description helps.

This way your team stays connected, well informed and on top of their work whether they are in office or half-way across the globe.

Communicating have never been that easy as it’s now.

But, if you have a difficult message to share, just stepping out and speaking to people face-to-face; will reduce chaos. Meeting someone once will solve what can’t be done even by writing multiple emails.


Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.