Are Team Collaboration Tools Over Rated

The very need for having a “team” or groups of employees in a company is testimony to the fact that the “I” cannot achieve what the “We” can. Rightfully so, team collaboration is the corner stone to help you achieve and excel in a sustainable manner.

As leaders, managers, project managers we focus heavily on getting the strategy right, making robust plans with no scope of error, breakdown our plan to the smallest of chunk possible and deploy the best of processes and tools to track each aspect of our project.

However, the success of the plan primarily boils down to the team executing it.

We all deploy the most fancy of tools and processes at our workplace but how much of it do we bae into our plans.

The point being, it is an unspoken, unwritten assumption by all of us. Because we know we cannot go far without it.

The question now becomes, how effective are we in enabling collaboration at the workplace?

Let us take cognizance of the contributions project management collaboration makes to the success of a project.

To have the individual members of the project work as a team, we need to ensure they first stay as one.

“No matter how brilliant your mind or strategy, if you’re playing a solo game, you’ll always lose out to a team.” — Reid Hoffman

What should be some of the parameters to look for in a collaborative workplace?

We live in a world where information is power. Imagine a project carried out by over jealous team members who hold all information for the sake of losing relevance. Sounds terrible!

But is true to its core. Each one of us has indeed met such a team member at our workplace.

You cannot expect team members to function optimally when all relevant information isn’t easily accessible.

This is where project management software and team collaboration tools come handy.

They offer the right mix of data privacy with need based access control and quick information sharing by means of instant notifications, alerts, chatting and document sharing.

Most importantly, teams can access the required information whenever required in an absolute hassle free manner.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.