Andolasoft Saves 43% of Digital Marketing Efforts with Orangescrum

Digital Marketing & SEO is an integral part of each company’s strategy to reach out to their customers.

More than 60% of the marketing efforts are spent on digital outreach across social media platforms, agency and product listing sites, SEO, content publishing and website optimization.

It surely is a time consuming affair and needs diligent planning & execution. Marketing teams need to plan at least a month in advance to maintain consistency in terms of their messaging, frequency and publishing across the right mediums.

This also brings to focus on the need of extreme collaboration and synchronization among the product engineering, sales, customer success and marketing teams.

In this blog we will explore how Andolasoft Inc. successfully used Orangescrum project management tool to optimize their digital marketing efforts for better results.

Andolasoft Inc. is a California based product and development agency with specialization in IT Consulting, Enterprise Software Solutions, web and mobile app development across a very broad technology spectrum.

Chaos and Growth sound almost synonymous when companies are on a growth path. When there is growth it is across the spectrum: business, customer base, expansion in new geographies, hiring, product development with more customer queries & increased support.

Simply put, you get into a fire fighting mode and there is only so much fire you can put out. Being judicious in dousing the right fires is crucial.

Hence, having a centralized collaboration tool to track efforts across various departments is the logical thing to do. And that is where the use of Orangescrum project and task management helped Andolasoft surge through their operations while maintaining the required rigour on their marketing plan.

The way they were!

All companies start their project, task management practices with the ever so loveable “Excel and Google Sheets”. And Andolasoft was no different.

New idea, new process, new project, change of strategy, a new client and there pops a grand new excel sheet!

Before they realized, they were drowned in excel management, progress updates, data inconsistencies and at times ending up with entirely botched-up numbers on the metrics they were tracking.

Of all the key activities, their digital marketing team had the most challenges primarily due to dependence on multiple other teams.

The fact with marketing planning is it requires relevant backing from the UI/UX and product development teams too. If the content publish calendar and the feature or update publish schedule are out of sync; you are in for major fiascos.

In addition to that collaboration within the marketing team too had its own challenges.

Managing content calendars, planning, scheduling and researching on relevant posts, articles and associated design works kept on falling through the cracks.

Miscommunication led to incorrect prioritization of key activities leaving the team confused as to what is scheduled for when, by whom.

Being a technology company, many articles required significant inputs & review from the subject matter experts (SMEs) and with confusing scheduling getting the right content out of the door was always troublesome.

Overall, the digital marketing team faced a lot of flak for:

· Irregular blog & social media posts

· Delays in getting the right collaterals ready for marketing campaigns

· Inconsistencies between the post title and images

· Irrelevant content updates on the wrong pages

· Appropriate SEO works were missed for content

· Erroneous content release

· Unable to maintain design consistency on its website

Imagine the pain and dismay of the team who worked relentlessly on their part but were far from achieving their results.

Honest intentions, focused execution yet less than desirable outcomes — all because of lack of schedule & progress visibility and centralized collaboration among the teams involved.

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Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.