A Detailed Google Tasks Guide To Make Task Management Easier

Making a list is everyone’s habit, no matter if you are planning a special day, event or a work week. A simple to-do list comes in handy at those times. Google Tasks is a digitized version of a to-do list.

Google Tasks wasn’t popular until Google decided to give it the much needed thrust and make it part of the Gsuite itself.

Here is a detailed guide on how you can use Google Tasks.

How to use Google Tasks with G-mail

As we said earlier Google gifted us all with Google Tasks, and it synced its essential products with the app. Not just Google Calendar but now you can sync your tasks with your G-mail too.

This feature is valuable given; making a list is everyone’s habit. No matter whether we are planning a trip, or a party. A simple to-do list comes in handy at those times.

How to Open Google Tasks

You might have never realized but Google Tasks had been staring right at your face when you opened G-mail. Let us show you how to open it.

● Log into your Gmail

● Once you open your Mail, on the right, Click Tasks

● Click on the Add a Task button, or the “+” sign

● Type your Task Title,

● Click on the Edit option, the pencil sign

● Add Title, Add description about Tasks

● Add it to a Task List if any

● Set Date & Time, choose the day, and the hour

● Also, set the task on repeat if you want to with — Daily, Weekly, Monthly or yearly

● Congratulations, you have successfully added your task.

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