6 Points to Create a Winning Sales Pitch

It is the cold that is dead, NOT the calling“, once said Trish Bertuzzi…a famous sales guru & business head. And I couldn’t agree more!

Cold calling has almost become a thing of the past… hardly effective. Warm calling is the way forward in today’s hyper-competitive market. And to do warm calling, you need to do thorough homework on your customers & follow up with them on regular intervals.

Hence, you need a proper well-defined sales pitch strategy to reach out, engage & connect with the prospects/customers.

Let’s talk about 6 important points you should consider while preparing your sales pitch strategy:

Ideal Customer Persona

The first step is to analyze & prepare an ideal customer persona for your business. It will go a long way in giving you clarity on who you should target, which industry & how to reach out to them effectively.

Please note that your sales pitch strategy will always vary as per different parameters such as industry, market size & competition etc. If you’re dealing with a manager, you have to plan your emails & calls in equal numbers. Whereas, if it’s a CXO level guy… you have to focus more on personalized emails rather than ringing his phone.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.

Digital Marketing Specialist at Orangescrum.